Telemetry measurement systems for higher requirements

Applications on Wind Turbines

In these times in which climate protection is becoming more and more popular, wind power is becoming increasingly important as a renewable energy source and inexhaustible resource. More and more wind power plants convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy and feed it into the worldwide power grid. This requires an intelligent system consisting of generator, control system, gearbox and rotor blades. However, this system only becomes functional, reliable and efficient thanks to MANNER’s sophisticated measurement technology.

For years, we have been supporting leading companies in the wind power industry with customer-specific measuring tools and precisely fitting solutions based on non-contact, self-sufficient and maintenance-free MANNER sensor telemetry.

Whether enormous bending and torque torques on the rotor or extreme speeds on the generator – MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH designs an optimum measuring concept for all applications that starts where normal electronics fail.

Our application portfolio:

  • Bending and torsion moments
  • Vibration analyses
  • Compressive and tensile loads of individual drive train components
  • Temperature monitoring of heat-sensitive components

The focus of our experts for wind turbines is always on optimizing service life, efficiency and costs.

Telemetry measurement systems wind turbines-Unitedtarget Technology

The ProductAssistant

In a few steps to the optimal measuring system. Our product experts configure the optimal system composition according to your requirements and will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.