Telemetry measurement systems for higher requirements

Applications for Rail Transport

The advanced rail vehicles of our time are subject to constant technical changes. With technical progress and the constant drive for further optimization, the demand for precise and efficient measuring instruments is also increasing. A demand that MANNER also sets permanently and consistently for its measuring systems.

As the market leader in sensor-telemetric measuring applications, MANNER maintains close cooperation with the high-tech “railway” sector. MANNER offers individual and customer-specific solutions based on non-contact measurement data transmission for a wide range of measuring points and components of the rail vehicle. In addition to torque applications on all types of railway shafts, MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH also implements, for example, single-channel or multi-channel measurement of shaft load variables using patented measuring methods.

By considering operational and fatigue strength, creating load profiles and calculating various degrees of utilization, maintenance and servicing measures can be planned more easily and precisely.

In this way, MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH meets the requirements of so-called “Predictive Maintenance” (i.e. proactive maintenance and servicing), one of the central aspects of “Industry 4.0”.

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Load Spectrum Monitoring / Wheel Load

Load Spectrum Monitoring / Wheel Load

As a competent industrial partner worldwide, we have optimized contactless measurement data transmission for railway applications. Accuracy and reliability of our measurement data help you to obtain and evaluate the following decisive aspects:

  • Operational stability (proof of operational stability)
  • Fatigue strength / service life
  • Assessment of the component utilization / degrees of utilization
  • Wheel contact forces
  • Operational stability reserves

Shaft Torque

Shaft Torque

Powerful engines require a powerful measuring system!

MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH offers customer-specific torque applications on any type of railway shaft. Use the proven method of sensor telemetry for your individual measuring purposes in the railway sector, whether on wheelset shafts, cardan shafts, motor shafts, transmission shafts or other rotating elements of the railway drive.

Single-channel or multi-channel measurements of shaft load variables can be realized with the help of the patented measuring method. The space-saving and contactless transmission method from MANNER simplifies the design of the system and provides precise digital measurement data.

The ProductAssistant

In a few steps to the optimal measuring system. Our product experts configure the optimal system composition according to your requirements and will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.