According to your requirements

Customized Measuring Sensors

Whether on the test bench or in practice – today’s high demands on power density and service life place very high requirements on technical measurements. High temperatures up to 200 ° C, high speeds (> 100,000 ), electromagnetic compatibility and last but not least a very confined space.

What if a standardized transducer does not meet the requirements with regard to design, interface, accuracy, speed stability or other aspects?

Or if it has to be measured on the original part, no space is available for additional components?

What if multi-range or multi-component transducers are needed? A discipline in which only a few suppliers can deliver.

It is a fact that the measuring task must still be completed. Neither restrictions on the measuring accuracy nor on the robustness of the system must be accepted. The installation space is often predetermined, a measuring element is not even taken into account and the environmental conditions at the measuring element are predefined.

The development engineer is close to despair – the project is threatening to stop.

We do not offer just any solution, but THE solution for your measuring task. Trust us, we are your partner for success.