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TelMA Torque – the revolutionary torque measurement for Industry 4.0 and machine monitoring

TelMA Torque offers predictive maintencance, data for machine control and condition monitoring for any aggregates (gearboxes, motors, pumps, generators, agricultural vehicles, etc.) as a cost-effective, dynamic torque acquisition and thus offers you the possibility to further develop your product Industry 4.0.

Is not an OEM product, but a universal solution that offers the tool Industry 4.0 and new competitive advantages to German mechanical engineering. Be part of it!

The proven properties of strain gauge technology and near-field telemetry are combined with a cost-effective application technology to create a torsion sensor in postage stamp format. The postage stamp format makes the solution suitable both for new designs and for integration into existing systems (retro-fit).

The basic prerequisite Industry 4.0 is the recording of physical variables on the machines. This is the only way to achieve concepts such as predictive maintenance with lower maintenance costs, shorter downtimes and improved energy efficiency. The determination of load spectra also enables an improved design of gearboxes, as well as predictions about the remaining service life.

The most important variable is torque. Previous solutions for torque measurement in series production gearboxes Industry 4.0 are not considered economically feasible and not robust enough. This was due on the one hand to excessively high acquisition costs and on the other hand to the required know-how in the application and use of the measurement technology.

The new TelMA Torque miniaturised telemetric sensor, for which a patent application has already been pending, is designed to eliminate precisely these disadvantages. The sensor is applied using micro-welding technology. The micro-welding technique is particularly suitable here because there are no structural changes and the strength of the shaft does not suffer. No soldering iron or failure-prone gluing process is required for mounting.

TelMA-Torque miniaturised Torsion Sensor-Unitedtarget Technology

35,53 mm x 18,1 mm x 6,25 mm

TelMA Torque Sensor for welding

The system works in an advantageous way without contact and is completely maintenance-free. The TelMA Torque Sensor can be used immediately after installation with long-term stability.

As a cost-effective, dynamic torque detection/monitoring on aggregates (gearboxes, motors, pumps, generators, etc.), new possibilities are created to further develop your product Industry 4.0.

Example use cases:

  • Machine monitoring/early diagnosis / predictive maintenance
  • Process optimisation with control loop integration
  • Detection of dynamics and torsional vibrations to identify the cause of force/vibration fractures
  • Performance and efficiency analyses
  • “Safe” and reliable machine operation

The TelMA system offers the user the 3 measured variables torque, speed and temperature and thus provides the possibility to record the complete spectrum for load collectives.

The use of the system is particularly simple and no previous electronic knowledge is necessary.

The TelMA sensor is welded on – the application is completed in 2.5 minutes!

See for yourself and watch this application video!

In the case of drive shafts subjected to bending moments, any bending moment influences in the signal can be compensated for by mounting two elements.

The signals are detected via a standing induction loop. The induction loop is available as an insulated endless cable material or in the form of an enamelled copper wire, which is embedded in a carrier. The carrier can be manufactured using 3D printing or conventionally. Finally, the induction loop is connected to the evaluation unit at the designated terminals. Optionally, a speed sensor is connected.

TelMA-Torque miniaturised Torsion Sensor-Unitedtarget Technology

Standard thickness B: 3.2 mm
Inner diameter Di: variable
Outer diameter Da= Di+ 12 mm
(Diameter according to customer requirements)

TelMA-Torque miniaturised Torsion Sensor-Unitedtarget Technology

Industrial Version IP67
Dimensions: 131,8 mm x 64 mm x 34 mm

TelMA-Torque miniaturised Torsion Sensor-Unitedtarget Technology

OEM Version IP40
Dimensions: 60,0 mm x 51 mm x 15,491 mm

The system is now ready for use. The data output is now done via CAN; voltage or current output.

For adjustment, the measuring range is set using the remote control software. The remote control software also offers test functions (calibration shunt, supply voltage) and helpful memory functions for storing relevant background information.

Optionally, a data logging function can also be acquired via software.

TelMA-Torque miniaturised Torsion Sensor-Unitedtarget Technology