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Customized Telemetry

Rotation and translation, nothing works without movement!

Machines are based on moving parts and it is precisely these machines that are to be optimized. While in the past centuries machines were developed to defy eternity and had a running time of many decades or even a century, today different laws apply.

Machines and vehicles must be efficient. They must be developed in such a way to achieve an optimum. An optimum in terms of material consumption, energy consumption – and weight, while maintaining performance and agility. To emit no or as little CO2 as possible, not to require any downtime and therefore to be low-maintenance. This challenge of optimization at various levels of engineering science is enormous.

In order to achieve this, measuring systems of the highest flexibility and precision are required which influence the developed element as little as possible. The modular design with miniature modules allows any form factor for rotor electronics. This allows measurement technology to be implemented even when the installation space is fully utilized. Particularly helpful is the flex telemetry developed by MANNER, which allows the telemetry to be wrapped around a shaft body.

The system should be robust, withstand the most adverse conditions and at the same time deliver highly reliable and highly accurate measured vales with extreme bandwidths at the highest speeds.

A MANNER sensor telemetry system won’t let you down and is designed and developed to tackle exactly your challenges.

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