Developed for the explosion-proof area

Use in Ex-Areas

MANNER also offers solutions for the chemical, oil and mining industries. Here there is usually a potentially explosive atmosphere. ATEX approval is essential.

MANNER Sensortelemetrie offers measuring systems with ATEX approval that enable non-contact measurement within explosive atmospheres (gases and dusts). This approval is available for standard and customized measuring flanges as well as telemetry systems.

Here the evaluation unit is located outside the hazardous area and is connected via a coaxial cable to the pick-up stator antenna located in the Ex-zone.

The rotor telemetry with passive sensors or torque measuring flanges on the rotating parts are supplied with energy via the pick-up, in return the measured data are tapped and transmitted to the evaluation unit.

An application in the Ex-area is possible using standard measuring flange of the company MANNER as well as on shafts, flanges etc. provided by the customer.

The powerful sensor telemetry system from MANNER enables you to monitor or record static and dynamic variables economically and precisely, such as:

  • Torque
  • Compressive and tensile force
  • Bending moment
  • Acceleration
  • Temperature
  • Speed
ATEX – Telemetry for the explosion-proof area-Unitedtarget Technology