Know-how and operational reliability for vehicle optimization

Vehicle Transducers from MANNER

Improved measuring equipment is an essential requirement for further vehicle optimization and thus also for meeting legal requirements.

In the meantime, it had to be acknowledged that tests and measurements on the test bench only partially reflect reality. Measurements under real driving conditions are indispensable for realistic consumption and emission considerations.

Precise knowledge of the dynamic torque curve at various points in the powertrain is of decisive importance for assessing and exploiting optimization potential. In the meantime, the large optimization potentials have been exhausted. In order to exhaust the further optimization potentials in the lower % range, the demands on the accuracy of the measurement technology have increased enormously. It must be possible to record the small improvements/difference values significantly and reproducibly. For mapping purposes, the corresponding measurement technology must be better by a factor of 10.

However, the greatest error is caused by the large temperature fluctuations. In order to exploit further optimization potentials, it is necessary to correct these deviations.

In order to meet today’s requirements of vehicle engineers and the metrological reality of the test environment, MANNER has developed a real-time signal processor that calculates the real torque value from the recorded torque value, the transducer temperature and the corresponding calibration curves. For this purpose, calibrations are performed at different ambient temperatures. A suitably air-conditioned, high-precision torque calibration stand provides the reference data for zero point and measured value.

With these methods it is possible to realize torque transducers which provide constant measured values with a measuring accuracy of better than 0.05 % over the entire environmental temperature range.

In addition to this new development, the minimization of interference effects of parasitic forces by appropriate transducer design as well as high-quality and complex strain gage bonding is of high relevance.

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