Telemetry measuring systems for higher requirements

Automotive Applications

Whether combustion engines or electric cars – minimizing CO2 emissions, optimizing driving comfort and that combined with powerful engines are the driving forces behind the automotive industry.

In times of constantly increasing demands to the vehicle, the metrological testing of automotive components and the efficiency analysis of complete vehicles are becoming more important than ever. This requires robust and powerful measuring systems that deliver precise and reliable results both on the test bench and in driving tests. Extreme temperature differences, vibrations and contamination must not be limiting factors. Als important is the possibility of a retrofit. This means that the measurement technology must be integrated into components that have already been implemented. The machine is retrofitted with measurement technology. For this MANNET can adapt its technology components to a high degree and still use impossible installation spaces to enable a retrofit.

But attributes such as precision and reliability, along with durability and flexibility, are just some of the outstanding features of our MANNER measurement solutions.

Digital data acquisition via CAN and EtherCAT are just as self-evident as the electromagnetic compatibility of our systems. Driven by constantly growing customer requirements and driven by the tireless innovative strength of our development engineers, we have always offered our customers high-tech at the highest level! It is not without reason that we now have all the well-known automobile manufacturers and numerous suppliers among our satisfied regular customers.

Solutions for the core areas of modern mobility

Our products support you in optimizing performance, efficiency and durability in all relevant areas of the combustion engine in order to obtain highly precise measured values of the engine components.

Non-contact measuring systems for determining torque, temperature, axial pressure, speed, vibration and power to ensure operational stability.

In addition to measurements of blade vibrations and bearing temperatures, our systems offer highly precise measurement of torques on the turbocharger shaft.

Measurements in and on the electric motor are an extreme challenge due to the high voltages, which are also clocked at very high frequencies. MANNER has developed measuring amplifiers and technologies especially for this application in order to be immune to these interferences.

High-precision measurements on the electric motor are a challenge that we have taken up and mastered.

The ProductAssistant

In a few steps to the optimal measuring system. Our product experts configure the optimal system composition according to your requirements and will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.