Telemetry measurement systems for highest requirements

The Company

We at MANNER Sensortelemetrie have specialized in non-contact sensor signal data transmission for industrial applications. We solve contactless, bidirectional sensor data transmission problems of rotating or moving parts.

Therefore, we develop, produce and deliver:

  • Single and multi-channel telemetry systems with highest sampling rates (>400 kSample) in modular design in inductive and radio technology
  • Customer-specific telemetry systems for special problems
  • Rotating torque transducers for test bench and industrial applications – customer specific.
  • Cost-effective torque transducers on OEM basis.
  • Cost-effective, customer-specific transmission systems for series production.

Our company history

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The MANNER philosophy

  • Concentration on the business field “non-contact sensor data transmission” in the near-field area (near-field telemetry); this results in our high competence in this field.
  • Continuous implementation of knowledge and experience from previous projects to optimize competence for future problems.
  • Our aim is to be the best in the field of single and multi-channel telemetry systems.
  • We are constantly striving to further expand our innovative leadership in the field of near-field telemetry.
  • We are problem solvers for customers, whereby the customer benefit is always the main focus (pairing of the problem with the currently available technologies at the highest level with the aim of creating a new product).
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